The study found that 99.8% of Chinese respondents are willing to buy locally produced plant-based meat burgers

A survey of consumers from four first-tier cities in China shows that attitudes towards plant-based meat are overwhelmingly positive. The study was recently published in the <Journal of Integrative Agriculture>.

The study was conducted by the China Agricultural Policy Research Center of Peking University, with a total of 579 respondents from Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, and Chongqing, and the data came from an online questionnaire in 2021.

The study found that 99.8% of respondents are willing to buy a locally produced plant-based meat burger; 85% have already tried plant-based meat, mainly due to a desire to try new things and a belief that plant-based products are healthier. Women, the educated, and those with higher incomes are the most likely to buy plant-based meat. In addition, among the four cities, Beijing has the highest proportion of consumers who have tried meat alternatives, accounting for 89%.

Popular Chinese plant-based meat market.

China’s vegetable meat market is indeed ushering in a new stage of development. Beyond Meat claims to be the first multinational producer of plant-based meat with its own major facility in China. Bian Yang Meat Ke has been working hard to cater to the Chinese market with products such as plant-based pork and dumplings, which are launched on major retailers and e-commerce media across the country, including Freshippo, Lawson Convenience Store and Dicos.

Jeremy Yeo, General Manager of Better Meat China, said: “The results of the survey reflect the strong popularity of Chinese plant-based meat in China. At Different Kind of Meat, we believe everyone should have access to delicious and nutritious plant-based protein, We are proud to be a leader in this market. Our local production and innovation facilities, as well as our partnerships with leading retailers and food service providers, are contributing to China’s plant-based meat industry, and we are delighted Continue to work hard to attract more consumers in the region.”

Chinese consumers are generally curious about plant-based meat products and are willing to give it a try. 85% of consumers are willing to repurchase in the future after trying plant-based meat.