It is one kind of high-quality natural plant protein made from Non-GMO soybean raw material, and used the international advanced technology. Can be widely used in ham, bacon, roast meat, chicken, sauce brine and other products.


Injectable soy protein isolate refers to a type of soy protein isolate that can be injected into large pieces of meat during the processing of meat products. It is a type of soy protein isolate. It can retain moisture while improving the toughness of the product.

Isolaten soy protein (injected type)


It can be quickly dissolved in an aqueous solution, and the resulting mixture has a low viscosity, which is beneficial for the injection machine to inject into the meat. By injecting into the meat block, the soy protein isolate can be combined with the raw meat in the meat block to improve the water retention effect and increase the product yield.

Technical Data:

Product Name Physicochemical Data
Protein ( Dry ) Moisture Ash ( Dry ) TPC Coliform Salmonella

Isolate Soy Protein (ISP)

≥90 ≤7  ≤6 ≤10000 cfu/g <0.3 MPN/g Negative

Textured Soy Protein (TVP or TSP)

≥50 ≤10 ≤6 ≤30000 cfu/g <30MPN/g Negative

Soy Protein Concentrate (SPC)

≥68 ≤7 ≤6 ≤10000 cfu/g <0.3 MPN/g Negative

Production flow

Isolated Soy Protein Flow Chart

Application range:

Can be used in large pieces of meat products such as ham







Product Usage

The addition of soy protein isolate to higher-grade meat products not only improves the texture and flavor of meat products, but also increases the protein content and strengthens vitamins. Because of its strong functionality, the amount of 2~5% can retain water, fat, prevent segregation of gravy, improve quality, and improve taste. The protein isolate injection is injected into meat like ham. After the meat is processed, the percentage of ham can be increased by 20%.