Our Story

China Foodstuff & Protein Group Co., Ltd. is an enterprise that develops and produces soy protein, with more than 20 years of experience. Since its establishment, it has continuously injected capital, and now has a registered capital of 172 million yuan. At the same time, it has also introduced advanced production technology and operation management from the United States and Japan, enabling the company to achieve a greater leap in a relatively short period of time. The company scale and product output and quality also rapidly develops and is enhanced. It is widely recognized by the broad clients due to quality products and perfect technology development, and get the unanimous good comment of clients from home and abroad.


Food Safety Guarantee

● Raw materials: Using high-quality non-GMO soybeans as raw materials, strictly control the quality of soy protein products from the source.

● Production: The factory has passed GMP, ISO9001 and ISO22000 certification, and all processes are strictly managed in accordance with food safety regulations.

● Packing: One hundred thousand clean-level workshop, strictly guarantee that no pollution source will be contacted during the packaging process of finished products.

● Traceability: It has passed the IP traceability certification of agricultural products and food to ensure the high quality of all products out of the factory.

● Quality inspection: Each batch of goods undergoes three strict inspections in the production process, and the shipment is approved after being qualified, and a quality report is issued with the goods.

Food safety guarantee

Our Products

● Main products: soy protein isolate, soy protein concentrate, soy textured protein, soy dietary fiber and other products.

● The main application areas of the products: meat products, quick-frozen foods, seasoning foods, baked goods, fish products and other foods.

Isolated Soy Protein
Textured soy protein
Soybean fiber powder
Soy protein powder health
Rice Protein product

Technology R & D

● We adopt advanced American and Japanese production technology to provide various types of high-quality soy protein products.

● Have more than 15 years of expert-level technical research and development team, strong innovation and customization capabilities.

● The independent R&D and testing laboratory uses advanced protein detectors, texture analyzers, viscosity detectors and color detectors and other high-precision testing instruments to control product quality and continuously upgrade products based on customer needs.

Production Capacity

● Strong product supply capacity, with an annual production capacity of more than 15,000 tons

Technology and production



ISO9001 Quality

System Certification













Our Client

● Meat brand: Shineway, Gongs

● Health products: Amway, By-Health

● International market: Japan, South Korea, Southeast Asia, the Middle East, South America, Europe, etc.

our client

Our Service

● 15 years of professional international trade experience to ensure the smooth flow of the entire trade process.

● We can provide our factory’s quality assurance testing and third-party testing as required.

● Complete after-sales protection, 7*24 fully cooperate to solve any after-sales problems of customers.