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Soy Milk Powder

Soymilk powder is a healthy raw material for vegetarian food, a high-quality source of plant protein, and a perfect substitute for milk powder. It provides a healthier source of nutrition for the body. Instant powdered soybean made from organic, non-GMO soybeans by FP Group is one of the best vegetarian raw materials.

Our soymilk powder is a high-end non-GMO soybean protein solid beverage, with a delicate and mellow taste, rich in vegetable protein, phospholipids, vitamin B1.B2, niacin, iron, calcium and other minerals. It is a healthy, delicious, nutritious and safe drink.

Soymilk Powder Manufacturing Technology

Peeling: Soybeans are peeled to remove mechanical impurities, dust and soybean germs in soybeans, as well as the harmful purine bases contained in the skin, reduce a large number of bacteria, and optimize the flavor of soybean powder.

Deslagging: After soybeans are deslagging, most of the harmful bacteria in the soybean milk are removed, and the crude protein and crude fiber that cannot be absorbed by the human body are separated and removed.

Deodorization: The ultra-high temperature sterilization flash deodorization technology not only removes the beany smell and bitter taste in soybeans, but also effectively kills the eggs and harmful substances brought by soybeans from the soil, making the sterilization effect more thorough and efficient.


Uses Of Soymilk Powder

Beverages: A quality source of protein for vegetarians, a substitute for milk. Depending on the taste of different people, a certain amount of sugar, or other flavorings can be added to make different flavors of soy milk.

Yogurt: The main protein source of plant-based yogurt. There are no special requirements for strains, most strains can be used.

Cheese: Used in the production of vegetable cheese or used as a substitute for part of milk in cheese to form a unique flavor of soy cheese. In vegan cheese, soy flour is not the main ingredient, but it is the main source of protein.

Ice Cream: Vegan ice cream can be used completely instead of milk powder and milk. The puffing rate is 30%-50%, and the texture is delicate and soft, with a strong sense of substance. Vegan ice cream has good puffiness and shape retaining anti-solubility.

Milkshake: It can be used as a complete substitute for milk powder and milk, no high density cholesterol, no burden. Soy milkshake is composed with less sugar and more protein, which is helpful for human health.

Benefits Of Soy Milk For The Body

Soybean prevents diabetes

Eating soybean is an effective way to manage and prevent diabetes. According to several studies, soybean has the ability to increase the insulin receptors in the body.

Soybean keeps Heart Healthy

Soy has only 10-15% fat. Other protein sources (such as meat) contain more fat, which may increase the risk of heart disease, and hearts may benefit from replacing meat with soy products like tofu.

Soybean for Healthy Bones

Isoflavones are a phytochemical commonly found in soy foods like soy bean milk powder and black soy milk powder. Isoflavones have estrogen-like effects. Some studies suggest that they may help strengthen the bones of menopausal women.

Soybean helps Lower blood pressure

Making soy a part of the daily diet can help people avoid high blood pressure. First, soy contains a lot of protein and very few carbohydrates, which can effectively help lower blood pressure. In addition, the soy itself can help lower systolic blood pressure, which can reduce the chances of having a stroke by as much as 14%.

Soybean improves Sleep health

One of the primary benefits of soybean is that not many know that soybean can help relieve the symptoms of sleep disorders. According to health professionals, soybeans can help in reducing the occurrence of insomnia along with other sleeping disorders.

Soybean Essential for Pregnancy

Soybean is rich in folic acid and vitamin B complexes that are very essential for pregnant women. Pregnant women are told to consume soy-based organic products as folic acid in soybean helps in the prevention of neural tube defects in infants, ensuring a healthy delivery as well as a healthy baby.

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