Uncover the miraculous effect of soy protein

Soybeans have been known as the “King of Beans”, “Tanaka’s Meat”, and “Green Milk” since ancient times. Soy protein is the essence of soybean extraction, this article will take you to understand the magic of soybean protein.

Nutritional value of soy protein

Protein is the material basis of all life and an important part of body cells, and protein is divided into complete protein and incomplete protein. Most plant proteins lack some essential amino acids, so this type of protein is called incomplete. Complete protein, and soy protein is the only complete protein among plant proteins.

Soy protein effect

In terms of nutritional value, soybean protein is comparable to animal proteins such as eggs, milk, and beef. In terms of amino acid structure, it is closest to human amino acids and is the most nutritious plant protein.

Health benefits of soybean protein

Although soybean protein belongs to vegetable protein, it has gradually attracted people’s attention due to the particularity of amino acid content and special ingredients such as soybean isoflavones. More and more clinical and experimental studies have confirmed that soybean protein has a variety of health effects.

1. Helps lower cholesterol when combined with a low-fat diet

Studies have found that eating soy protein can reduce low-density cholesterol, thereby removing fat from blood vessel walls and improving blood vessel health.

The US FDA issued an authoritative statement: “Eating food containing 25g of soybean protein per day can reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease.”

2. Consistent consumption can help reduce the risk of certain cancers

“Cancer”, a word that makes us talk about it. People fear cancer more than other diseases, and soy protein may reduce the risk of some cancers. Studies have shown that eating soybean protein can reduce the incidence of breast cancer by 20%, reduce the incidence of prostate cancer by 35%, reduce the incidence of gastrointestinal cancer by 30%, and have a certain inhibitory effect on thyroid cancer.

3. The unique sports nutritional value is a healthy food for dieters

We all know that muscles are made up of protein. Eating soy protein can help strengthen and maintain muscles, relieve muscle soreness, redness and fatigue caused by exercise, and help restore physical strength quickly.

4. Promote calcium absorption and utilization, improve bone health

Compared with animal protein, soybean protein will not increase the excretion of calcium, but will promote the absorption and utilization of calcium. This is very important to prevent osteoporosis, increase bone density and maintain bone health.

5. Transfer nutrients, enhance immunity, and promote growth

Protein can constitute various enzymes that the human body needs to catalyze and regulate functions, and can help promote the absorption and utilization of nutrients. It can also enhance immunity and promote growth and development.

6. Balance endocrine and alleviate related diseases

It lowers the glycemic index, regulates glucose better than milk protein, and can also enhance insulin sensitivity and promote glucose metabolism.