It is one kind of high-quality natural plant protein made from Non-GMO soybean raw material, and used the international advanced technology. Can be widely used in vegetable protein drinks, dairy products sports drinks, protein powder

Production introduction

Nutrient dispersible soy protein isolate can effectively increase the content of food protein, and can improve the nutritional content and taste of food, reduce costs, extend shelf life, and have high nutritional value and market applications.

Isolaten soy protein (nutrient dispersed type)


White color, good dispersion, good solubility, high stability

Technical Data:

Product Name Physicochemical Data
Protein ( Dry ) Moisture Ash ( Dry ) TPC Coliform Salmonella

Isolate Soy Protein (ISP)

≥90 ≤7  ≤6 ≤10000 cfu/g <0.3 MPN/g Negative

Textured Soy Protein (TVP or TSP)

≥50 ≤10 ≤6 ≤30000 cfu/g <30MPN/g Negative

Soy Protein Concentrate (SPC)

≥68 ≤7 ≤6 ≤10000 cfu/g <0.3 MPN/g Negative

Production flow

Isolated Soy Protein Flow Chart

Application range:

The nutrient dispersible soy protein isolate is used to replace milk powder, non-milk beverages and various forms of milk products. It has comprehensive nutrition and does not contain cholesterol. It is a food substitute for milk. Soy protein isolate is used in the production of ice cream instead of skimmed milk powder, which can improve the emulsification properties of ice cream, delay the crystallization of lactose, and prevent the phenomenon of “sanding”.

Product Application-Dairy Products

Dairy Products

Product Application—Nutrition Bar

Nutrition Bar

Product application-protein powder

Protein powder

Product Usage

1. Add to various solid beverages and dairy products such as nutritious oatmeal, coffee companion, soy milk powder, peanut milk powder, cocoa milk powder, walnut milk powder, fermented yogurt, fruit juice milk powder, etc. to increase the protein content of the product and enhance nutrition. Addition amount: unlimited, can be adjusted according to needs and taste.

2. Used in cold foods (such as various ice creams and ice cream products) to reduce product costs. Suggested addition: 3~5%.