McDonald’s in the UK launched a double-layer plant meat burger in response to demand.

At the same time that the Veganuary (Vegetarian January) challenge, which has been launched in the UK for ten consecutive years, has started, the catering industry in the UK has started to add fuel to the flames one after another. According to statistics, someone signs a pledge on Veganuary’s official website every 2.4 seconds. After McDonald’s successfully launched the Double McPlant double-layer plant meat burger in the UK last year, it is now restarting to continue serving consumers in all stores in the UK and Ireland.

McDonald's Plant-Based Burger

“You asked. We listened, (You asked. We listened,),” read a post on McDonald’s website. The famed fast-food chain says it’s making its popular plant-based burger “twice as good” by using two plant-based patties from Beyond Meat. The new burger will be available on Jan. 4, just in time for Veganuary, a month-long, globally popular plant-based eating movement.

The new burger options, along with the original McPlant and Veggie Dippers, are both plant-based approved by the Vegan Society in the UK.

McDonald’s said it has launched new menu items related to customer demands.

One customer tweeted: “I know it’s 7am but when will @McDonaldsUK allow Double McPlant?? I just want the option of two plant patties. This is a big question I need to address. ”

Another fan tweeted: “I’ve said on many occasions that McPlant has changed my life, but what if there were double McPlant? I can only wonder”.

Plant-Based Burger

Like the original McPlant, the Double McPlant is certified vegan and cooked separately from other McDonald’s burgers and sandwiches using specialized appliances.

Plant-based meat burger McPlant

When it first launched in the UK, 250 stores in the UK served McPlant plant-based meat burgers. But continued demand prompted the chain to sell the burger at all of its locations nationwide last January.

Michelle Graham-Clare, chief marketing officer for McDonald’s UK and Ireland, said in a statement last year:

“We are delighted that our McPlant is now officially ‘everywhere’ for more customers to taste and enjoy. Back in October we saw a remarkable response to the trial period. And, now McPlant is available across the UK and Ireland high street, retail park and service station.”

The McPlant Plant-Based Burger was developed to taste like a traditional McDonald’s burger, including the signature sesame bun and cheese (in a plant-based version).

McPlant The permanent retention and expansion of McPlant on the menu is part of McDonald’s commitment to achieving net zero emissions by 2050.

While the double plant-based burger is currently only available in the UK and Ireland, the original single-layer McPlant is still widely available across Europe – in Sweden, Denmark and Portugal, as well as in markets such as Australia.