Use of soy silk drawing protein

1. Used in meat sausages, the addition amount is 15% of the meat weight (wet textured protein), which can replace a part of lean meat;

Meat sausage

2. Soybean silk protein and fatty meat are mixed and minced together to make meatballs. The taste and texture are better than pure meatballs;


3. Adding soybean silk protein to the pie can not only replace lean meat, but also improve the flavor of the pie and increase the nutritional value of the pie;

Minced meat

4. Silken soy protein can also be processed with various meats for cooking, and its taste is the same as that of meat, which provides an ideal dish for those who do not want to eat meat;

Vegetarian meat cooking

5. The soy silk protein can be processed into jerky, which is rich in nutrition and convenient to eat, and the price is only one-fourth of that of jerky. It can also be processed into various candied fruit and become a nutritious and better snack food;

6. The soy silk protein is mixed with various spices and sugars, which can be made into a high-protein convenience food for school-age children to make breakfast and break meals;

Vegetarian snacks

8. Adding soybean silk protein to canned meat can reduce the cost and increase the protein content;

Canned meat

8. After soaking the soy silk protein with hot water, add various seasonings, you can eat it, which is convenient and can increase appetite. It is a better cold dish;

Vegetarian meat cold dish

9. Soy protein is not only high in nutritional value, but also an excellent health food, suitable for all ages. It is an auxiliary curative food for patients suffering from cardiovascular disease, animal cirrhosis, diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, hepatitis, nephritis, and obesity.