Who are soy peptides suitable for?

Abstract: Soy peptide is a functional factor with small molecular weight, easy digestion and absorption, and good physical, chemical and processing properties. It is currently attracting attention in the development of functional foods. This article reviews the properties of soy peptide products, the physiological functions of soy peptides, and introduces the suitable people for soy peptide products.

Keywords: soy peptides, nutrition, applicable people

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1. The nature of soy peptides

1)The composition of soybean peptides

Soy peptide refers to the protein decomposition product obtained by special treatment of soybean protein after protease action. Therefore, soy peptide products are a kind of mixture, in addition to containing low molecular weight peptides (the content is about 85%), it also contains a small amount of free amino acids, sugars and inorganic salts.

The molecular weight of peptides in soybean peptides is about 1000 Dalton and consists of 3-6 amino acids. The amino acid composition of soybean peptides is the same as that of soybean protein, and the essential amino acids are well balanced and rich in content.

2)Nutritional characteristics of soybean peptides

Soy peptide has superior nutritional characteristics. The protein synthesis rate in the human body is 26% higher than that of amino acids, and the absorption rate is 80% faster than amino acids; it is prioritized and is completely absorbed by the small intestine in a complete form, enters human tissues, cells, and organs, and exerts Biological activity; soy peptides have a small molecular weight and high water solubility.

It can be used as a carrier to transport amino acids, vitamins and trace elements beneficial to the human body to human tissues and organs to play a nutritional role. Soy peptides have strong hygroscopicity and moisturizing properties, can adjust the hardness of protein foods, improve the taste and ease of digestion and absorption.

3)Physicochemical and processing properties of soybean peptides

Compared with soy protein, soy peptide products have no beany flavor, do not precipitate under acidic conditions, do not solidify when heated, easily dissolve in water, and have good fluidity. These good physical, chemical and processing properties make it easier to process into Various functional foods.

2. Physiological functions of soybean peptides

1)Soy peptide has the function of preventing obesity and reducing blood fat.

2)Soy peptides can enhance muscle power, accelerate the recovery of myoglobin, and have anti-fatigue effects

3)Promote fat metabolism and energy metabolism.

4)Hypoallergenic antigen performance of soybean peptides

5)The immunomodulatory function of soybean peptides

6)Antioxidant function of soybean peptides

7)The characteristics of soybean peptides to promote microbial fermentation

8)Soy peptides improve the bioavailability of minerals

9)The hypotensive effect of soybean peptides

3. Suitable crowd for soy peptides

Due to the high absorption rate of soy peptides, it is very important for some patients who have undergone surgery (or due to disease), patients who have protein absorption or indigestion, and patients who cannot break down and absorb protein due to lack of enzyme systems. The source of protein nutrition.

Soy peptides with a molecular weight of 300 to 400 or below will not cause allergic reactions. Therefore, it can meet the needs of allergic people (especially infants) for amino acids. In sports activities, 4%-10% of the body’s calories are generally consumed by destroying protein.

Therefore, soy peptides can quickly restore and enhance athletes’ physical strength, eliminate their fatigue, and meet athletes’ needs for protein. For the elderly, because peptides are easily absorbed, supplementing protein with peptides is the most ideal way.

In addition, soy peptides also have health-care functions such as lowering cholesterol, lowering blood pressure, and preventing cardiovascular diseases. It is a healthy, multi-effect functional food. Soy peptides can also effectively reduce body fat while keeping the skeletal muscle mass unchanged. So soy peptides are very suitable for children and athletes who need to lose weight.