What is the fiber content of soy fiber powder?

Dietary fiber refers to polysaccharides and lignin that cannot be decomposed by human enzymes. Dietary fiber is a variety of plant substances that are non-starch polysaccharides. Mainly derived from plant cell walls, including cellulose, lignin, wax, chitin, pectin, β-glucose, inulin and oligosaccharides. It is usually divided into two categories: water-soluble dietary fiber and water-insoluble dietary fiber.

The fiber content of soybean dietary fiber powder produced by our company is ≥60%.

Preparation process of soybean dietary fiber powder

Soybean—pretreatment—phytic acid removal—starch removal—enzymolysis—protein removal—drying—crushing—sieving—dietary fiber powder.

Pretreatment after feeding, that is, soaking the raw materials, washing, removing impurities, some starch and protein, using endogenous phytase to hydrolyze the phytate of raw materials, adjusting the pH value and temperature of the soaking liquid, and reacting to a certain extent under certain stirring. time, then inactivate the enzyme and wash with water until neutral, dehydrate by centrifugation, and place in an electric blast drying oven for drying.

After decomposing phytic acid, remove starch by high-temperature cooking method, cook under certain solid-liquid ratio, cooking temperature, time, and PH conditions, measure the degree of starch hydrolysis of the supernatant, then rinse and dehydrate through centrifugal dehydration, and place in an electric blast drying oven.

After the starch is removed, the protein is removed by protease enzymatic hydrolysis, and an appropriate amount of neutral protease is added under certain solid-liquid ratio, enzymatic hydrolysis temperature, and pH conditions, and the enzyme is deactivated after enzymatic hydrolysis for a certain period of time, and the proteolysis degree of the supernatant is measured, washed with water to neutrality, placed in an electric blast drying oven for drying and dehydration, crushed and sieved to obtain dietary fiber.

Soybean fiber content