What is protein meat?

Abstract: protein meat, soy protein, vegetarian food, meat, cookingProtein meat, also known as protein meat or artificial meat, is actually a protein product that imitates the shape and taste of meat. It is made with high-quality soybean protein or wheat protein as raw materials through heating, extrusion, puffing and other processes. It is determined that its protein content is 2-3 times that of eggs, fish, pigs, and cattle lean meat. It is identified by the health department as non-toxic and harmless, and it is a green, safe, and health-care food.

Keywords: protein meat, soy protein, vegetarian food, meat, cooking

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protein meat
Product features
  1. The color is pure and white, the fragrance is low-fat. The flavor is unique and can be directly processed accordingly to make the flavor of the dishes more realistic.
  2. It has a delicate taste and excellent elasticity, and can be eaten by all ages.
  3. It is rich in filamentous dietary fiber tissue, which can help digestion and good gastrointestinal metabolism.
  4. Fibrous structure, fast rehydration (within about 5 minutes), high water absorption ratio, up to 4.3 times, and can be processed by detachable silk.
  5. The main raw material is non-GMO soy protein powder.
  6. Good oil absorption, can make the food taste non-greasy and refreshing.
  7. The protein content is high, 2-5 times that of meat, eggs, and fish.
  8. The flatulence factor is low, and long-term consumption will not cause discomfort to the stomach and kidneys. It has good chewiness and a stronger sensuality.
Process flow

Ingredients → mixing → tempering → extrusion → forming → crushing → screening → drying → cooling → packaging

Application field

Mainly used in meat products, quick-frozen foods (stuffing, balls), vegetarian food, instant snack foods, which can effectively improve product quality and reduce costs; it can also be directly cooked at home and is convenient to eat.

It is suitable for cold dressing, roasting, and stir-frying. It tastes delicious and is the first choice for schools, canteens, western food, Chinese food, and catering centers.