What are the precautions for drinking soy milk?

After a night of rest and metabolism, our body urgently needs nutrition and energy to replenish the body the next day, so breakfast is the most important thing in the day, not only to eat, but also to have nutrition. There is a habit of drinking soy milk in the morning in many places, but each place has its own way of eating, some like to drink soy milk with brown sugar, some like to drink it with milk and eggs, so I have been drinking soy milk for so many years Are you really drinking right?

1. Can raw soy milk be drunk?

Raw soy milk contains some harmful ingredients – antitrypsin, phenolic compounds and saponin, etc. Antitrypsin affects the digestion and absorption of protein. Phenolic compounds can cause bitter and fishy taste in soy milk, irritate the digestive tract, cause nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, destroy red blood cells, produce toxins, and may cause systemic poisoning in severe cases. If you want to drink soy milk, you must boil it. If you want to drink cold soy milk, you must boil it and wait for it to cool down naturally. Remember not to drink raw soy milk, otherwise it will be very dangerous.

In order to facilitate everyone’s diet, soymilk powder is already available on the market. It can be drunk directly by brewing with water.

2. Can soy milk be drunk with brown sugar?

Some people like to drink brown sugar in soy milk, which is not advisable. Because the organic acid in brown sugar can combine with the protein in soy milk to produce a precipitate in disguise, which will destroy the nutrition of brown sugar and soy milk. So be careful not to add brown sugar to soy milk.

3. Can soy milk be eaten with eggs?

Some people think that “soy milk and eggs cannot be eaten together” on the grounds that the trypsin inhibitor contained in soybeans will inhibit the digestion and absorption of protein in eggs or milk.

In fact, this statement has been proven to be incorrect, because the trypsin inhibitor contained in soy milk has been destroyed after being cooked, lost its activity, and will no longer play its role, so you can rest assured to eat it with eggs.

4. Can men drink soy milk?

The phytoestrogens contained in soybeans-soy isoflavones are not estrogens in the true sense, but isoflavones. The effect of this isoflavones is very weak, which is equivalent to estrogen (estradiol) in women. thousandth. ? Usually, the content of isoflavones in 100g of soy milk is 9.6 mg, and the content of soy isoflavones in 200 ml of soy milk is only 20 mg. For young men, the content of androgen is quite high. It is impossible for phytoestrogens in a cup of soy milk to reverse hormones. Balanced, it will not affect male sexual characteristics, or affect the normal development of boys. The phytoestrogens in beans can also greatly reduce the incidence of prostate cancer in men. Therefore, men can drink soy milk.

5. Can soy milk be drunk on an empty stomach?

Can I drink soy milk on an empty stomach? In fact, in the morning, many people like to drink only a cup of soy milk. In fact, when drinking soy milk on an empty stomach, most of the protein in the soy milk will be converted into heat in the body and consumed, which cannot fully play a tonic effect. Suggestion: Eat some starchy foods such as bread while drinking soy milk, so that nutrients can be fully absorbed and utilized.