What are the main applications of functional soy protein concentrate in food?

Soy protein concentrate (SPC) is made from soybeans as raw material. After crushing, peeling, extraction, separation, washing, drying and other processing processes, the oil and low-molecular soluble non-protein components in soybeans are removed ( Mainly soluble sugar, ash, gliadin and various odor substances, etc.), the soy protein product containing more than 65% (dry basis) protein (N × 6.25) is prepared.

Soy protein concentrate products are not only widely used, but also can replace milk protein, casein and isolate protein.

Meat products

(1) In minced meat products, soybean protein concentrate has better emulsification and water-holding properties. Soy protein concentrate products are widely used in frankfurters, bologna and mince.

In these minced meat products, the soy protein concentrate is mixed with the saline-injected meat to form a stable emulsified state without absorbing the dissolved myoglobular meat protein. Therefore, soybean protein concentrate can be added to the meat after injection of salt water in either dry form or emulsified state, and is chopped and mixed in the chopping and mixing equipment to make sausage-like minced meat according to the properties of the meat.

(2) In lumpy minced meat, such as meat patties, various meat sausages, etc., adding soy protein concentrate can increase its hardness and nutritional value, and dissolve the meat juice and fat. During production, it is added to meat products in dry form or after being mixed with 4.5 times of water. The usual dosage is 2% to 3% (dry form), which increases the application scope of cooking meat products.

(3) Among ham and other meat products injected with salt water, soy protein concentrate is an ideal product because it has dispersibility and hydration, and adding salt water does not affect its functionality. When making ham, the general amount added is 2% to 3%, and the total amount added to ham products or other brine-injected meat products is 40% to 100% of the original mass.

Soybean protein concentrate is used as a nutritional additive to improve product nutritional value and enhance product quality. It also increases the net protein content of the product and improves the digestibility and utilization of overall protein amino acids.