Vegetarian meat and artificial meat are not the same thing

When it comes to artificial meat, you will definitely mention traditional vegetarian meat. Because the core raw material is pea live soy protein, many people will equate the two. Experts engaged in plant protein products said that there are similarities, but these are two products.

Vegetarian meat

Experts said that the raw material composition of vegetable protein meat and vegetarian meat is not the same. Artificial meat involves a wide range of raw materials, not only vegetable protein, but also other vegetable fibers, plant extracts, flavoring substances, nutrients, etc. , Vegetarian meat products focus on plant protein. Experts said: “More importantly, vegetable protein meat replicates more of the nutritional content and simulated taste of real meat.”

Experts also pointed out that although vegetable protein meat has nutrients and a similar taste, it should not be substituted for animal meat. Experts said that animal meat is nutritious, unique in taste and flavor, and is a food that has been fully confirmed by the history of human development; vegetable protein meat is a reconstituted food that can provide the human body with sufficient nutrition and essential amino acids, and the ingredients are more natural and green. Provide a more perfect culinary experience for some people.

Experts said that at present, there are three main technical problems that restrict vegetable protein meat products. One is that the production and processing of vegetable protein meat products require twin-screw extrusion technology to develop in a more refined and controllable direction; the other is that restructuring technology is a key technology for turning silken protein into vegetable protein meat. The protein meat system still needs improvement; the third is to improve the taste, flavor, and color of vegetable protein meat, and there is still much room for improvement.

Experts specifically mentioned that in my country’s food production, any raw materials and ingredients that may have or have potential health hazards and whose safety has not been officially certified are strictly prohibited.