USDA: U.S. soybean planting progressed to 78% as of June 5

Washington, June 7 news: The U.S. Department of Agriculture’s weekly national crop progress report released after the market on Monday showed that this year’s soybean planting progress in the United States still lags behind the average progress of previous years and is also lower than market expectations.

In the 18 states that account for 96% of the country’s soybean planting area, as of June 5 (Sunday), the US soybean planting progress was 78%, 66% last week, 89% last year, and the five-year average for the same period was 79%.

Before the report, analysts expected soybean planting to be 80 percent complete.

In the Midwest, soybean planting progress in Illinois is 88%, 75% last week, 92% last year, and 78% five-year average; Indiana 84%, 70% last week, 91% last year, and 75% five-year average . Iowa 94%, 85% last week, 97% last year, and the five-year average of 87%.

As of Sunday, the emergence rate was 56%, 39% last week, 74% last year, and the five-year average was 59%.

The U.S. Department of Agriculture will begin releasing good-to-excellent data for soybean crops next week.