USDA: U.S. soybean good-to-excellent rate fell 1 percentage point, worse than market expectations

Washington, August 23 News: The U.S. Department of Agriculture’s weekly national crop progress report showed that the good-to-good rate of U.S. soybeans was 1 percentage point lower than a week ago, while analysts expected the good-to-good rate to remain unchanged.

In the 18 states that account for 96% of the country’s soybean planting area, as of August 21 (Sunday), the US soybean bloom rate was 97%, 93% last week, 97% last year, and a five-year average of 97%.

The soybean pod setting rate was 84%, 74% last week, 87% in the same period last year, and the five-year average was 86%.

The soybean good-to-excellent rate was 57%, 58% last week, and 56% last year. The ratio of soybean ratings this week is 10% excellent, 47% good, 30% fair, 9% poor, and 4% bad; last week, 10% was excellent, 48% good, 30% average, 9% poor, and 3% bad; last year In the same period, it was excellent by 11%, good by 45%, average by 28%, poor by 11%, and poor by 3%.