U.S. soybean crush profit in week 23 of 2022 down 0.7% from a year earlier

Foreign media, June 12 news: The U.S. Department of Agriculture’s weekly crush report showed that last week’s U.S. soybean crush profit increased by 6.72% from a week earlier, but decreased by 0.74% from the same period last year.

For the week ended June 10, 2022, U.S. soybean crush profit was $2.70 per bush, compared with $2.53 per bush a week earlier and $2.72 per bush a year earlier.

Crude soybean oil trucks in central Illinois were quoted at 84.64 cents a pound, compared with 85.68 cents a pound a week ago and 81.08 cents a pound a year earlier.

Spot prices for 48% protein soybean meal at soybean processing plants in Central Illinois were $448.10 per short ton, compared with $426.90 per short ton a week ago and $391.30 per short ton a year earlier.

During the same period, the price of No. 1 yellow soybean was $17.77/bu, $17.57/bu a week ago, and $16.01/bu in the same period last year.