U.S. Department of Agriculture: The U.S. shipped 840,000 tons of soybeans to China last week

Washington, December 13th: The weekly export inspection report issued by the US Department of Agriculture showed that the number of soybeans shipped by the United States to China (mainland) last week decreased by more than 40% compared with the previous week.

As of the week ending December 9, 2021, the United States has shipped 840,676 tons of soybeans to China (Mainland China). The United States shipped 1,463,752 tons of soybeans to China (Mainland China) the previous week.

US soybean export inspections to China accounted for 48.8% of the total export inspections that week, compared with 65.2% last week and 64.6% two weeks ago.

The US Department of Agriculture’s December 2021 supply and demand report predicts that China’s soybean imports in 2021/22 are expected to be 100 million tons, which is the same as the November forecast, a year-on-year increase of 0.24%.