The value and the misunderstanding of eating soy protein products

Abstract: Among the many plant proteins, which plant protein is more suitable for daily intake? After research, soybean is a plant food with very high nutritional value, and it is recommended to consume it in moderation every day.

Keywords: vegetable protein, soybeans, soybean products

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Soybeans have high nutritional value, suitable for men, women and children

Soybeans and their products have been loved by humans for ages. They are not only delicious and malleable, but also a treasured food that integrates rich nutrients. The outstanding nutrients of soybeans are:

1. High protein: There are about 30-40 grams of protein in soybeans per 100 grams, which is the highest quality plant protein;

2. Soy Isoflavones: Effectively prevent cardiovascular disease and help bone health; for women, it is a good helper for regulating hormones and can reduce related risks such as breast cancer and endometrial cancer;

3. Vitamins: rich in folic acid, vitamin B1, B2, vitamin E, vitamin K1;

4. Dietary fiber: low-energy substance, beneficial to the growth and reproduction of beneficial bacteria in the intestinal tract and maintain intestinal health.

Experts say that soybeans can increase satiety, reduce total energy intake, help weight management, maintain women’s skin health, prevent cardiovascular diseases and osteoporotic tissues. For people who are lactose intolerant, you can choose soy milk or soy protein powder as a substitute for milk for daily drinking.

Rumors about the consumption of soybeans

1. Rumor 1: Some people say that men cannot eat soybeans?
Answer: wrong. Soybeans are rich in isoflavones, which are estrogen-like substances, which have a two-way regulatory effect on human estrogen. For example, children in puberty cause acne due to excessive secretion of male hormones, soy isoflavones can also play a regulatory role, and also have a role in relieving acne.

2. Rumor 2: Some people say that people with gout should not eat soy products?
Answer: wrong. Patients with gout are mainly due to ingestion of purine foods. Comparing the purine content of seafood and animal offal, soy products have very low purine content. Controlling purines is mainly to control the consumption of seafood and animal offal. It does not matter if you eat a little soy products appropriately.

3. Rumor 3: Milk and soy milk are incompatible with each other? Can’t soy milk be eaten with eggs?
Answer: wrong. Eating milk, soy milk, and eggs together will not affect the absorption of nutrients.

4. Rumor 4: Some people say that soy products are bad for women to prevent breast cancer?
Answer: wrong. Studies have found that regular consumption of soy products can help women suppress and prevent breast cancer. Because soy products are rich in soy isoflavones, the content of genistein in isoflavones is very high. It mainly plays an anti-cancer effect and can reduce cancer. Probability of occurrence.