The effects of soy protein isolate on the human body

Soy protein isolate is a protein powder made from soybean meal, with a protein content of up to 90%. It has many functions and effects, including enhancing physical fitness, maintaining bone health, lowering cholesterol, etc. It is currently widely used in the production of protein powder supplements, nutrition bars, bakery products and meat products.

The main functions of soy protein isolate on the human body include supplementing nutrition, improving immunity, helping to improve constipation, helping to lower cholesterol, and helping to improve sleep quality, etc. Soy protein isolate is a protein extracted from soybeans, which can supplement the nutrients needed by the human body, promote metabolism, and is beneficial to physical health.

  1. Supplement nutrition

Soy protein isolate is rich in protein, amino acids, vitamins, minerals and other nutrients. Appropriate consumption can supplement the body with the nutrients it needs and is beneficial to health.

  1. Improve immunity

Soy protein isolate is rich in protein. After consumption, it can supplement the protein needed by the human body and help improve the human body’s immunity.

  1. Help improve constipation

Soy protein isolate is rich in dietary fiber, which can promote gastrointestinal motility, facilitate food digestion and absorption, and help improve constipation. If you have constipation, you can eat soy protein isolate to relieve constipation.

  1. Help lower cholesterol

Soy protein isolate is rich in lecithin, which can promote the body’s metabolism and reduce blood cholesterol, helping to improve the condition of high cholesterol.

  1. Help improve sleep quality

Soy protein isolate contains a large amount of amino acids, vitamins and other nutrients, which can promote the development of brain nerves and help improve sleep quality.

Soy protein isolate has high nutritional value. Whether for ordinary people, vegetarians or people who are losing weight, soy protein can be used to replace part of the protein in the diet. It will not only reduce the intake of cholesterol and saturated fat, but also achieve nutritional intake. role. But it’s best to ensure balanced nutrition.

However, it should be noted that people who are allergic to soy protein should not eat it to avoid allergic reactions.