The difference between plant meat and artificial meat

For artificial meat, many people in the scientific community and investors are optimistic and supportive. However, many people questioned artificial meat, believing that artificial meat is insufficiently nutritious and not safe enough.

The following content will talk about whether plant meat and artificial meat can cause malnutrition?

1.Why invent artificial meat?

The most important thing is because the abuse of antibiotics accelerates the process of natural selection. If things go on like this, eventually humans will produce super bacteria that are insensitive to all antibiotics. Once infected by this kind of bacteria, humans will have no cure.

Plant meat can solve the problem of the abuse of antibiotics in animal husbandry in the future, and it will greatly help alleviate global warming.

2.What is artificial meat?

Regarding the question of “whether’artificial meat’ is harmful to the human body”, we must first understand how it was made. In fact, there are two kinds of artificial meat on the market, one is plant meat and artificial meat.\

1.First understand the first Plant meat

(1)Plant meat raw materials: It is made of soy protein, wheat protein, konjac, and edible fiber with a variety of minerals and vitamins. It is a product with high nutritional value;

After refined into high-protein vegetable meat, it is then seasoned with natural seasonings according to the desired taste, and finally the meat is refined into a variety of food plant meats with different textures by changing the wire drawing process.

(2)What kind of seasoning is used for plant meat: a compound amino acid compounded with yeast extract, hydrolyzed plant protein, spices, amino acids and other ingredients in a certain proportion, does not contain any animal ingredients, and can be combined with traditional meat flavors Comparable with taste.

(3)What color is used for plant meat: Like food colorants, it uses natural carotene, which is healthy and nutritious. It is the most ubiquitous and stable natural pigment in nature.

Plant meat contains no cholesterol, no antibiotics, and no hormones. Its saturated fat is reduced by 71% and calories are reduced by 62%. However, it can provide more dietary fiber at the same time, which is easier to digest and absorb than meat protein.

2.The second type is Artificial meat

“Artificial meat” is not a new thing. Since 2016, the artificial meat company Beyond Meat has been selling products in Whole Foods supermarkets, 30 restaurants on the West Coast, and Yale canteens across the United States. According to official website data, their artificial meat Hamburg has sold tens of millions of copies.

The field of artificial meat has also been favored by capital in recent years. In 2013, Bill Gates decided to invest in a meatless chicken roll from Beyond Meat, an artificial meat company.

The famous movie star Leonardo DiCaprio, Twitter’s co-founders Evan Williams and Biz Stone, and McDonald’s former CEO Don Thompson, also participated in the fight against Beyond Meat. invest.

From the data point of view, the artificial meat market is also growing rapidly. The data service company Euromonitor reports that the overall processed meat industry in the United States is about 30 billion U.S. dollars, with a growth rate of only 2%. Although the overall market size of artificial meat is only about 1.4 billion U.S. dollars, the growth rate has reached 22%. Underestimate.

3. How is artificial meat made?

The artificial meat cultivated in the laboratory by Dutch biologist Mark Post does not really produce the body of an animal, but unlike soy products that imitate meat, it is indeed genuine meat.

Mark uses the technique of stem cell culture in vitro to “make” muscle tissue. He puts the stem cells from the automaton into a suitable medium to obtain healthy growth of thin tissue.

At present, this kind of meat has passed relevant safety reviews in the United States, and has entered a large number of supermarkets, restaurants and school canteens. However, at present such “artificial meat” can only be made into “minced meat” type meat, such as sausages and foie gras, and cannot be mass produced on a large scale.

Moreover, the cost of this kind of artificial meat is also very expensive. A catty of artificial meat can cost tens of thousands of dollars, which is unbearable for ordinary consumers.

However, the CEO of FMT, an artificial meat company, has stated that they will reduce the cost of the product to less than US$9.9 per kilogram by 2020 by using recyclable media and selecting cells with strong reproductive capacity.

Finally: plant meat is easier to buy at a price close to the people, and artificial meat is currently more expensive and difficult to buy. But vegetarians, artificial meat will become popular in the near future, and everyone will have a wider choice of food.