Soy protein is the best in plant protein, and it will be better absorbed when eaten with it.

Generally, adults want to supplement protein. The “four ones” are the basis, including one or two lean meat, one egg, one bag of milk, and one or two soy products. These “four ones” constitute our basic source of high-quality protein for a day.

As a plant, why is the nutritional value of soy protein comparable to that of meat, eggs and milk? Let’s take a look at the specific data together.

The following is a comparison of the protein prices of several major animal and plant protein foods (when the standard protein price is 100):

  • Whole eggs94
  • Whole milk is 87
  • Beef is 74
  • Fish 83
  • Soybean is 73
  • Potatoes for 67
  • Refined flour is 52
  • Rice is 63

It can be seen from the data that the protein price of soybeans is comparable to that of beef, and it is the leader among plant proteins. And the amino acid composition of soy protein is relatively good, almost all the essential amino acids needed by the human body.

Eating foods made directly from soybeans, the human body’s digestion and absorption rate of its protein is only 65%. When made into tofu, the digestion and absorption rate can be increased to 92%-95%.

Tofu’s nutrition is not only rich in high-quality protein, soybeans also contain about 18% of fat, most of which can be transferred to tofu. Soybean oil has a large proportion of linoleic acid (the main fatty acid necessary for the human body) and does not contain cholesterol. It is not only beneficial to the development and growth of human nerves, blood vessels, and brain, but also can prevent common diseases such as cardiovascular disease and obesity.

After the stigmasterol contained in soybean enters the human body, it can absorb more bile acids that are broken down by intestinal cholesterol, thereby lowering blood cholesterol. Not only can inhibit colon cancer, but also help prevent cardiovascular disease.

·Tofu and meat can be replaced in equal amounts·

The Chinese Nutrition Society recommends that general adults eat 25 grams or more of soybeans a day. 25 grams of soybeans are equivalent to 72 grams of northern tofu, 140 grams of southern tofu, 365 ml of soy milk, 175 grams of lactone tofu, 55 grams of dried tofu, and 40 grams of shredded tofu.

In the daily diet, soy products and meat can be replaced by a certain amount of equal amount. If you eat more soy products, you can reduce your meat intake accordingly. The combination of soy products and meat does not exceed 50 taels a day.

It is not recommended to eat 50 taels of meat a day or eat 50 taels of soy products a day. Meat and soy products are the two best sources of animal and plant protein. They must be mixed and eaten to be healthy.

·Tofu+fish, more nutrient absorption·

It is recommended to stew tofu and fish together. The fish and tofu are stewed together, and the taste is delicious. The meat quality of the fish and the soft texture of the tofu are also in harmony.

Moreover, tofu and fish can also play a complementary role in protein. The relatively insufficient methionine in tofu, and the lack of methionine, will result in reduced nutrient absorption. The methionine in fish is relatively rich, which can complement tofu to a certain extent. The combination of the two immediately increases the biological value of tofu’s amino acids.

Therefore, the combination of fish + tofu cooking is very perfect, friends who like tofu, must not miss it.