Functional soy protein concentrate is one kind of high-quality natural plant protein made from NON-GMO soybean raw material, and used the international advanced technology Can be widely used in meat products, fish products, baked goods and so on.


Soy protein concentrate is an emerging product in the soy protein industry. Because of its high protein content, it can change the structure and functionality of food, increase the nutritional content and physical properties of food, so it can replace expensive isolate protein and milk protein in many foods.



Increase the net protein content of the product, improve the digestibility and utilization of the overall protein and amino acids, remove soluble sugars, thereby reducing the harm of a variety of anti-nutritional factors, and the impact on the utilization efficiency of lysine during the heating process of soybeans.

Product emulsification experiment

Technical Data:

Product Name Physicochemical Data
Protein ( Dry ) Moisture Ash ( Dry ) TPC Coliform Salmonella

Isolate Soy Protein (ISP)

≥90 ≤7  ≤6 ≤10000 cfu/g <0.3 MPN/g Negative

Textured Soy Protein (TVP or TSP)

≥50 ≤10 ≤6 ≤30000 cfu/g <30MPN/g Negative

Soy Protein Concentrate (SPC)

≥68 ≤7 ≤6 ≤10000 cfu/g <0.3 MPN/g Negative

Production flow

Soy Protein Concentrate Flow Chart

Application range:

1. Food: used for dairy foods, meat foods, baked foods, pasta foods, seasoning foods, flavors, etc.

2. Feed: canned pets, animal feed, aquatic feed, vitamin feed, etc.

3. Health care products, pharmaceutical excipients, intermediates, and extracts.

4. Other products: It can replace glycerin as perfuming, antifreeze and moisturizing agent.

Meat products

Meat products

Fish products

Fish products

Baked goods

Baked goods

Product Usage

It has high gelling, emulsifying or dispersing properties, which greatly improves the comprehensive utilization rate and reduces production costs. It is widely used in the production of processed meat foods, baked goods, ice cream, candies and beverages.