Several application methods of soy protein isolate

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Can Children Eat Isolate Soy Protein?

Soy isolate is used in the production of infant formula for ages “0 to 1”. Such compositions are enriched in production with an additional complex of vitamins and minerals for children.

When choosing a mixture, parents, after reading reviews about soy isolate, doubt about the content of GMOs in it – transgenic soybeans, in which an agricultural weed-resistant bacterium is added during cultivation. The impact of transgenic soy on the human body has not been fully studied. But it is important to know that the use of genetically modified soybeans for the production of infant formula is prohibited in Russia.

Genetically modified food sources (GMIP) are allowed in many countries, including Russia. However, manufacturers of such products are required to indicate their presence on the packaging. If the content of GMIP in the product is more than 5%, this is indicated without fail on the packaging of products in our country, in Japan, Australia, and in the EEC countries, labeling is already required at 0.9% content of GMIP in the product. The United States, Canada and Argentina allow the use of GMIP in all unlabeled products, which should be considered when selecting blends.

Manufacturers of soy isolate do not recommend the use of this product, bought in specialized sports nutrition stores, for children under 16 years of age. But, according to reviews, soy protein isolate can be given to children in an amount equal to the daily normal intake of milk by a child, no more.

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The use of soy isolate in sports

Soy protein is considered a sports nutrition. Soy isolate is taken by training athletes to give a dry shape to the body during the competition period. Bodybuilders opt for soy isolate because of its maximum protein saturation and relative cheapness. Ideally, the isolate is taken in a proportion of 1 g per 1 kg of body weight per day. With average training – 1.7 g per 1 kg of weight, in the pre-competitive period – 2 g of dry isolate per 1 kg of weight. 3 times a day. The first is after waking up, the second is between breakfast and lunch, and the third is before bed.

During the period of use of soy isolate protein, it is necessary to proportion the amount of absorbed proteins-carbohydrates-fats in a normal diet. The protein comes in the form of a supplement, but meat, eggs, fish, and dairy products should also be included in the diet. If there is no increase in body weight, then complex carbohydrates in the form of cereals, potatoes, pasta, beans or lentils should be added to the diet.

Soy Isolate for Weight Loss

Isolate powder or ready-made vegetable milk is used. Smoothies, shakes or raw cereals are prepared with soy isolate. Eat instead of breakfast and dinner or as a snack. When losing weight with soy isolate, it is very important to review your regular diet and significantly reduce your intake of carbohydrates and fats. Only in this case, a diet that includes soy isolate will help to lose unnecessary kilograms. When losing weight, the daily intake of soy isolate should not exceed 60 g. What is the best meal that uses soy protein? This is porridge.

Slimming porridges are prepared on the basis of isolate diluted in water (25 g), with the addition of raw oatmeal, rice, buckwheat flakes and chopped nuts – walnuts, almonds, cashews, Brazilian. Fresh juice can be used instead of water. It turns out a balanced breakfast, really charging for the whole time until a full meal.

Recipe descriptions with soy protein isolate emphasize using only tepid water or milk, lukewarm if possible. In hot water, the isolate will lose its protein value.

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Delicious and healthy soy isolate drinks

Smoothies are easy to make in a blender. Ready-made milk is taken or the isolate is diluted in water, kiwi, strawberries are added and whipped until foam forms. For a fruit protein smoothie, you can use any forest sweet berries – blueberries, blueberries, currants, blackberries.

Cocktails are prepared on the basis of isolate diluted in water or juice, with the addition of banana or strawberries, mint and stevia – a vegetable sweetener. As a sweetener, you can use concentrated syrups – pomegranate, rosehip, berry. Isolate diluted in water is mixed in a blender with soy milk, stevia or syrup. It turns out a delicious drink, similar to the children’s Nesquik.

As a basis for diluting the isolate powder, you can use low-fat kefir, yogurt, and other low-calorie dairy products if you are not allergic to lactose.

Gourmets will like a bitter cocktail based on ready-made milk with the addition of a teaspoon of crushed ginger root and red pepper.

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Soy Isolate Baking Recipes

Soy protein isolate recipes are incredibly diverse, the dishes are amazing in taste and harmless to the figure. Fewer ingredients are needed than if regular flour was used. For example, for pancakes or pancakes, 15-30 grams is enough for a whole plate of fluffy pancakes, due to the fact that pastries increase in size due to protein. You can make ice cream, pancakes, cakes, meatballs, rolls, mashed soups. Below are some sweet recipes based on soy isolate and protein reviews.


Protein cupcakes. You will need 2 tbsp. spoons of fat-free cottage cheese, 2 yolks, a teaspoon of vegetable oil and the same amount of baking powder, sweetener to taste. Knead by adding beaten egg whites. Sift 2 tbsp. spoons of isolate and the same amount of bran. Mix well and divide into molds. Bake for 20-30 minutes in the oven at 180 degrees.

Soy pancakes. Mix 2 eggs with skimmed milk powder (6 tablespoons), add sweetener to taste, 30 g soy isolate. Mix everything in a blender and bake without oil.

Protein cakes. Mix in one bowl 3 tbsp. spoons of oat bran with 3 eggs, 30 g of soy isolate, add fat-free kefir to the consistency of the composition for pancakes, a pinch of soda, add vanilla, sweetener and leave for half an hour to swell the bran. Bake without oil.