SECEX data show Brazilian soybean exports slowed last week

——The average daily soybean export volume of Brazil in the first four weeks of July was 390,000 tons

Foreign media, July 26 news: Brazil’s foreign trade secretariat (SECEX) released data showing that the pace of Brazil’s soybean exports has slowed in the last week.

In the first four weeks of July (16 trading days), Brazil exported an average of 391,130 tons of soybeans per day, which was lower than the average daily export volume of 456,847.6 tons in the first three weeks (11 trading days) and higher than that of the whole month of July 2021 (22 The average daily export volume of 394,075.4 tons on the trading day) decreased by 0.7%.

Brazil exported about 6.25 million tons of soybeans from July 1 to 22 this year. Soybean exports for the full month of July 2021 were 8.67 million tons.

Earlier data released by SECEX showed that Brazil’s soybean exports from January to June 2022 were 53 million tons, down 7.8% from 57.5 million tons in the same period last year; soybean meal exports were 10.4 million tons, up from 8.1 million in the same period last year. tons; soybean oil exports were 1.3 million tons, up from 770,000 tons a year earlier.

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