Secex: Brazil’s soybean exports averaged 124,000 tonnes per day in the first half of January

Foreign media, January 18: According to data released by the Brazilian Foreign Trade Secretariat (SECEX), Brazil exported an average of 124,280 tons of soybeans per day in the first two weeks of 2021, which was lower than the average daily export volume of 150,800 tons in the first week. This is far ahead of the 2,470 tonnes recorded in the same period last year.

Brazil’s soybean exports all but stalled early last year when supplies were extremely tight. Brazil’s soybean stocks are higher this year than last year, and the new soybean harvest is underway.

Analysts estimated earlier this week that Brazil’s soybean harvest was less than 2 percent complete as of Friday, as rain delayed the Mato Grosso harvest. But this progress is higher than the same period last year. The lack of rain during last year’s planting season caused planting delays, which, combined with rains at the beginning of the year, resulted in a significant delay in the soybean harvest.