Safras: Brazil soybean harvest 17.1% complete as of February 4

Foreign media news on February 8: Harvest survey data released by consulting agency Safras & Mercado shows that as of February 4, 2022, Brazil’s soybean harvest progress reached 17.1%, higher than 11.3% a week ago, and higher than the same period last year. of 3.4%. The average harvest progress for the same period in history was 10.3%.

Last week’s harvest progress was mainly driven by the state of Mato Grosso, where the harvest was 46% complete, 15 percentage points higher than the previous week, 11% for the same period last year, and 29% for the same five-year average.

In Parana, soybean harvest is 17% complete, 13% a week ago, 1% a year earlier, and a five-year average of 7.3%.