Safras: As of November 26, 90.6% of Brazilian soybeans have been planted

Foreign media news on November 29: According to a survey conducted by analysis agency Safras & Mercado, as of November 26, the soybean planting progress in Brazil in 2021/22 was 90.6%, which was higher than the 84.2% a week ago.

Favorable weather in most soybean producing areas in Brazil this year has helped soybean planting progress higher than in previous years. For comparison, the planting progress of the same period last year was 83.3%, and the average value of the same period in the five-year period was 85.7%.

In Mato Grosso State, the planting area has reached 100%, and soybean planting in Parana State is almost over.

Due to stable rains in October and early November, soybean production in Parana State may reach a record 145 million tons in 2021/22. A survey shows that the planting area of soybeans in Brazil this year may reach up to 40.8 million acres (100.8 million acres).