Safras: 87.3% of Brazilian soybeans planted as of November 25

Foreign media news on November 29: According to a survey by the Brazilian consulting agency Safras & Mercado, as of last Friday (25th), Brazil’s 2023/23 soybean planting area reached 87.3% of the expected total area, higher than the 76.7% a week ago. %, down from 90.6% a year earlier, but ahead of the five-year average (85.7%).

In Mato Grosso state, soybean planting has been completed. Mato Grosso do Sul has also finished planting (5-year average 98.2%), Parana 97% (98.2%), Rio Grande do Sul 61% (62.4%); Goias 91% ( 92.4%), São Paulo 85% (93.2%), Minas Goiás 92% (91.4%).

The company expects Brazil’s soybean production to reach 154.53 million tons in 2022/23, up from the 151.5 million tons forecast in July. If the forecast comes true, it will represent an increase of 21.3% over the previous year’s output of 127.44 million tonnes.

Brazil’s soybean area reached 43.74 million hectares this season, a 3.7% increase from 42.16 million hectares in 2021/22, Safras said. Average yields will rise from 3038kg (50.6 bags) to 3551kg (59.1 bags) per hectare.