Processing technology of “artificial meat” food

1. Introduction of raw materials

Soy Protein

Soybean is known as “vegetable protein meat”.

Soy protein, as the name suggests, is protein extracted from soybeans. Soy protein is the only complete protein from plant sources, which can not only provide amino acids necessary for the human body, but also be easily absorbed and utilized by the human body.

Soy protein is processed by high temperature and high pressure to form soybean tissue protein, which has good water absorption and oil retention, and also has a good fibrous structure, and the taste is similar to meat. Soybean tissue protein has various shapes such as foam, block and flake, which is convenient to choose according to the shape of the product during processing.

Wheat Protein

Wheat protein, also known as gluten, is a natural protein extracted from wheat flour. The protein content is as high as 75%-85%, and it contains fifteen kinds of amino acids necessary for the human body. It is a nutritious plant protein resource.

2. Processing of Soy Protein Vegetarian Meat Food

Processing of vegetarian beef jerky

The beef jerky mentioned here is a kind of snack food preserved at room temperature. It has the same fibrous shape as beef, shredded meat like meat, tastes like meat, and tastes like meat. It is processed with soybean tissue protein as raw material, then let’s take a look at the specific operation.


Rehydrate the blocky soybean tissue protein, dehydrate it, and then squeeze it with a vegetable shredder, so that the tissue fibers of the blocky raw material become loose and soft, creating conditions for the next step of dipping.


Dipping is the process of dipping the prepared soup into the lumpy ingredients to make them into the desired flavors. The reference ingredients of the soup are: soy sauce, liquid xylitol, pepper powder, etc. After squeezing, place the chunks of vegetarian meat flat in a stainless steel container. After a layer is placed, sprinkle a layer of soup evenly, and press lightly with your hands to circulate in turn until it is 2/3 away from the container. After soaking for 4 hours, the soup will fully soak into the ingredients.


Place the juiced chunks of vegetarian meat flat on the mesh baking tray, and push it into a hot air circulation oven for drying. achieve the effect of sterilization. While drying, every half hour, turn on the oven and turn the chunks of meat so that they are evenly heated. Dry it for about 2 hours.

Torn by hand

Tear by hand is to tear the dried block raw meat into strips by hand, so that the texture of “beef” comes out, and at the same time, it is more delicious when frying in the next step, and it is softer and more palatable to eat. When tearing by hand, it is necessary to tear along the grain of the chunky plain meat, which is not only easy to tear, but also makes the tissue fibers of the “beef” more obvious.


The taste of the beef jerky after being torn by hand is still a little bad, and it should be fried at this time to achieve the best effect. The main ingredients when frying are: soybean powder, chili powder, licorice powder, red yeast rice flour, cumin powder, salt, edible vegetable oil, liquid vegetable essence, etc. The dosage should not exceed 20% of the total amount. When hot steam comes out, and when you grab it with your hands and it is 80% dry, you can take it out of the pot.

Processing of Vegetarian Ham

Vegetarian ham is a vegetarian meat food that can be stored at room temperature.


After rehydration, dehydration, and chopping, the foamed soybean tissue protein should be mixed with some ingredients in order to make the meat of the ham more delicate. The ingredients are: cinnamon powder, pepper powder, licorice powder, salt, liquid xylitol, mushroom essence, soy sauce, liquid plant essence, soybean protein powder, red yeast rice flour, etc. The reference ratio of main ingredients and ingredients is 75% and 25%. After mixing, stir evenly in the filling machine for about 10 minutes, and you can make it.


Before making, it is best to soak the casing in water to soften the casing and facilitate the enema operation. Then put the casing on the automatic enema machine for automatic enema.


After the sausage is done, put the ham sausage into the cooking cart, and then push it into the cooking box for cooking. The cooking temperature is 90°C-100°C, and the ham will be cooked after 20 minutes of cooking. Then the ham sausage is sterilized and packaged at high temperature, and the vegetarian ham sausage is processed here.