Plant protein, the next big trend

As consumer demand for high-protein and alternative foods continues to grow, plant-based proteins will have a huge impact in the baking and snacking segment.

Alternative proteins are gaining mainstream appeal.

Plant protein remains a key ingredient in the global food industry. As the industry accelerates towards innovative and sustainable diets, consumer demand for alternative protein sources has also changed.
InnovoPro, a chickpea protein platform, noted: “Global consumers are becoming more aware of what they eat and how food affects their health, raising questions about artificial ingredients and harmful additives.”
The emergence of the alternative protein market directly responds to these concerns and offers attractive product solutions in the bakery and snacks category.

High Protein Benefits

Changing consumer behavior has a cascading effect on many food and snack categories, including an increase in new product launches in the bakery segment.
Health-conscious consumers are turning to high-protein bakery products for more balanced nutritional options. Plant proteins with high digestibility and strong amino acid profiles are also popular choices for enriching bakery and snacking, dominating manufacturers’ new product development (NPD) programs.
In addition to the health benefits, taste is what ultimately determines people’s repeated purchases of plant-based protein products. This is especially true in the baked goods and snacks segment, where indulgence and rich flavors are paramount.

Protein consumer

Today’s consumers are “more educated consumers, which is influencing the rise of protein in the baking and snacking industries.
Consumer demand for protein varies, presenting challenges and opportunities for manufacturers. Some consumers want more protein at each meal, others are focused on maintaining muscle mass, some believe that added protein makes food taste better and they feel fuller faster and longer, while others want Calories and real nutritious food.
People are placing more emphasis on nutritional value than ever before. Especially post-pandemic, people want to make better, healthier choices. Consumers are looking for options with the added functional benefits of more protein, while still expecting a sensory experience similar to traditional baked goods.

Plant Protein Forecasts to 2023

Consumers are looking for healthier and more sustainable options in baked goods and snacks. There is also growth in baking ingredients and mixes that are plant-based, vegan and have added alternative proteins.
Focusing on baking, the market still lacks plant-based alternative solutions that can retain the same shape, texture and taste as egg whites. From an innovation standpoint, the protein trend has expanded beyond some early frontiers in baking, from muffins and protein-packed pancakes, to more indulgent realms like cupcakes. Therefore, the evolution of the bakery category will continue as more and more new indulgent products enter the market in 2023.