Plant-based meat trend

Plant-based meat is a new trend in the gastronomic market, which is gradually conquering the planet. For whom is vegetable meat produced, why is it gaining popularity so quickly, what is it made of and can it replace real meat?

plant meat burger

What is plant-based meat?

Plant-based meats are plant-based protein products (such as soy, wheat, or peas) that mimic animal meat and mimic meat products in texture, flavor, aroma, and appearance.
There are several technologies for the production of plant-based alternatives to meat. Perhaps the most popular technology is textured vegetable protein.
Texture is obtained thanks to an absolutely “green” extrusion method: a protein mixture and water are placed in an extruder, where, using mechanical pressure and high temperature, the food mass is kneaded, acquiring a new form at the exit of the machine – porous or fibrous, capable of imitating the texture of meat.
Now the vegetable meat market is represented by a wide range of products. These are sausages with sausages, semi-smoked and boiled sausages, meatballs and even dumplings with steaks.
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Who chooses plant-based meat and why?

The main target audience of vegetable meat in Russia is vegetarians and vegans. According to analytics from Greenwise (a manufacturer of plant-based analogues of meat and fish), they make up 85-90% of the total number of buyers. These are people who want to enjoy their favorite taste of meat and eat dishes familiar from childhood without harming animals, the environment and their health.
There are three main reasons why people choose meat alternatives.

Ethical considerations.
People want to eat a product in the production of which no animals were harmed.

The future of the planet.
Animal husbandry produces more carbon dioxide than all the cars in the world. Pastures and fields for growing fodder take up ten times more space than land for the production of food crops. All this can lead to an ecological catastrophe and a food crisis.

Taking care of your health.
Unlike traditional meat, the alternative product does not contribute to the formation of TMAO compounds that cause heart attacks, strokes, atherosclerosis and other heart complications. It does not contain growth hormones, cholesterol and antibiotics.
Recently, an interesting trend has been observed: even convinced meat-eaters are trying to diversify their diet with plant foods. This is due to numerous scientific studies that show the dangers of meat, as well as the recommendations of doctors to reduce its consumption.
But at the same time, people are not ready to give up the usual pleasure, they are pleased to feel the taste, smell and texture of meat. It is vegetable meat in this case that is the ideal solution.