NOPA crush report: November soybean crush was 4.88 million tons, lower than expected

Foreign media news on December 15: The monthly crush data released by the National Oilseed Processing Industry Association (NOPA) on Wednesday (December 15) showed that the soybean crush of NOPA member companies in November was lower than market expectations.

NOPA data shows that the soybean crush in November was 4.884 million tons (179.462 million bu), which was lower than the 4.943 million tons (18164 million bu) expected by analysts, but it was still the second-highest record for the same period in history, as well as all monthly crushes. The seventh high point.

NOPA’s November crush data was 2.5% lower than October’s 5.007 million tons (1839.3 billion bu) and 0.9% lower than last November’s 4.927 million tons (18101.8 billion bu).

Soybeans processed by NOPA member companies account for about 95% of the country’s total.

Before the report was issued, analysts predicted that the soybean crush in November 2021 was expected to be 4.943 million tons (18164 million bucks), with the forecast range from 1.7800 to 185 billion bucks, with a median value of 186 million bucks.

The US Department of Agriculture’s December supply and demand report forecasts that the US soybean crush in 2020/22 will be 59.6 million tons (2.19 billion bu), which is the same as last month’s forecast, and is higher than the 2020/21 crush of 58.27 million tons (2.141 billion bu). .