NOPA CRUSH REPORT: May soybean crush at 171.1 million bushels misses expectations

Foreign media June 15 news: The National Oilseed Processors Association (NOPA) monthly data released on Wednesday showed that the association’s member companies processed 171.1 million bushes of soybeans in May 2022, up from 169.788 million bushes in April and higher than 2021. The 163.521 million bushels in May of this year increased by 4.6%.

The soybeans processed by NOPA member companies account for about 95% of the national total.

Before the report, analysts on average expected a crush of 171.552 million bushels in May.

Analysts’ forecasts ranged from 165.40 million bushels to 175.00 million bushels, with a median of 172.0 million bushels.