New research finds: Plant-based pet food may be healthier for your cat and dog

Several new studies on pet diet nutrition in 2023 found that whether it is a dog or a cat, a plant-based diet, that is, plant-based cat food or dog food, can provide complete nutrition and is healthier. This is consistent with past research results, provides more confidence to consumers who are concerned about pet health and environmental sustainability, and will also promote further development of the new protein pet food industry.

A plant-based diet provides complete and balanced nutrition for dogs.

A new 2023 study provides evidence that a plant-based diet can provide complete and balanced nutrition for adult dogs.

The 12-month study, conducted by clinical scientists at Western University of Health Sciences’ College of Veterinary Medicine, is the first comprehensive investigation into the long-term effects of a plant-based diet on adult dogs. While the study used the V- Dog dog food brand as an example of a nutritionally complete plant-based diet, the brand did not commission the study. Results of the study were presented earlier this month at the Western Veterinary Medicine Conference in Las Vegas.

Darren Middlesworth, President and CEO of V-Dog, said: “We are excited to share the results of this groundbreaking study, which shows that a nutritionally complete plant-based diet can maximize dogs’ health and quality of life, and Reduce carbon footprint .”

“Research highlights that providing pet owners with healthier, cruelty-free options also has the potential to have a positive impact on the environment and other animals. As an ethical vegan, and secondly company, we are extremely proud to offer v-dog and v -planet as a solution Innovative solutions to these pressing problems,” Darren said.

The study’s authors said the purpose of the study was to raise awareness of the impact of traditional dog food on animals and the environment, as pet food is responsible for nearly 33% of the environmental impact of intensively raised farm animals on land use, water consumption , etc. , including the use of fossil fuels, the production of biocides and the generation of waste.

Conventional dog food is often made from inferior farm animal products, which have been linked to health issues. Additionally, according to the study, dogs exhibit an evolutionary adaptation that allows them to optimize carbohydrate metabolism, making a plant-based diet particularly suitable for most dogs.

Jens Tuider, chief scientific officer at ProVeg, commented: “The growing body of research in veterinary science confirming how pets can thrive on plant-based diets is very encouraging.”

“We hope the new data on cats will encourage the pet food industry to launch more new protein foods and treats that are healthier and more environmentally friendly than traditional meat products. Pet food plays a bigger role in the fight against climate change play an important role in system transformation,” he added.