New report: Over 50% of Britons will wean themselves off animal meat by 2040

A report commissioned by the international environmental group No Meat May found that 50% of the UK population will be completely off meat by 2040, and 15% of them will be vegan (no meat other than meat) any food of animal origin, such as custard). The research was carried out by food futurist Dr Morgaine Gaye, who has also predicted this trend before.

Dr. Gaye said:

As society’s general acceptance of meatless meals increases, coupled with the widespread availability of new protein alternatives, we expect to see continued changes in the way consumers shop and eat.

Meat substitute

Britain and the Plant-Based Diet

Plant-based meat brand Quorn recently released research similar to Dr. Gaye’s. Quorn’s report says 49 percent of 18- to 24-year-olds are already limiting their meat consumption. Another survey found that 69% of UK parents support the introduction of more plant-based foods in schools.

However, other studies have found that many consumers do not understand the meaning of the word “plant-based”, so there is still more room for development and improvement in the future.

Dr. Gaye’s report highlights the urgency of shifting to plant-rich food systems as soon as possible to protect the environment, health and global food security. Ryan Alexander, co-founder of No Meat May, said: “Key innovations such as cellular farming and air protein will help the global population reduce meat consumption, but at the same time, the No Meat May May Meat-Free Challenge allows you to try delicious and affordable food for 31 days. Plant-based food made easy.”