New report on plant and animal meat

The report titled “European Consumer Survey On Plant-based Foods”, written by food group Proveg International, explores opportunities for plant-based food producers.

The report notes that the market for alternative meat products will surge in the next few years as traditional meat remains stagnant.

Plant meat vs animal meat

For plant-based meat market growth forecasts, manufacturers can slowly turn their attention to plant-based meat products, Proveg said.

Meanwhile, according to Markets and Markets, which predicts plant-based meat will grow by 15 percent annually, reaching nearly $28 billion by 2025. By contrast, the global animal meat market is only growing at 3 percent a year, according to Kearney’s forecast.

Plant-based cheese is what most plant-based eaters and those who cut back on meat would like to see on supermarket shelves.


After examining the growth potential of plant-based meats, ProVeg surveyed 6,221 consumers in nine European countries “to identify priorities for product improvement and development based on consumers’ experiences with purchasing and consuming plant-based products”.

ProVeg found that animal-free plant-based cheeses were the most desired product in supermarkets for meat-reducing people and plant-based eaters, followed by ready-to-eat plant-based foods. Meat-reducing people want to see more plant-based meat substitutes that mimic meat, while plant-based eaters are looking for more plant-based baked pastries and chocolates.”

Vegetable cheese, seafood, eggs

Verena Wiederkehr, head of food industry and retail at ProVeg International, said: “Both plant-based cheeses and ready-to-eat meals represent significant growth opportunities…We recommend that manufacturers focus on expanding the range of these in-demand products, especially in the research and development of plant-based cheeses. Committed to improving taste and texture”. There is a lot of data to support this trend, consumers want high-quality, affordable plant-based cheese, and the market potential here is huge.

In addition, plant-based seafood and egg substitutes also show clear growth opportunities, and ProVeg advises manufacturers to seriously consider expanding their product portfolio.