New Protein Annual Industry Report

The Good Food Institute (GFI), a global new protein think tank, released its annual state of the industry report, with four separate reports on cultured meat and seafood, fermented and plant-based proteins, and new protein seafood. Here are some key findings:

plant food

New protein seafood products dominated by Asia

Global investment in new protein seafood will soar in 2021, nearly doubling the total investment in 2020. Investment and research activity is by far the most concentrated in the Asia-Pacific region, which consumes most of the world’s fish and is also where startups and investors see the most lucrative and opportunity.

More innovations from plant-based sources

The past year has seen a surge of interest in new crops with high protein content and protein functions other than wheat, soybeans and peas. Aquatic crops such as microalgae, seaweed and duckweed are particularly popular areas of research due to their nutritional qualities, high protein functionality and sustainable cultivation.

Plant-Based Bacon

More Mixed Protein Products

GFI points to the growing connection between alternative protein categories, which it predicts will lead to a new generation of premium blended protein foods in 2022. The report cites a collaboration between Australian cellular agriculture startup Vow and fermentation company Nourish as an example. Motif Foodworks’ HEMAMI will also provide plant-based companies with the opportunity to utilize animal-free hemoglobin and other specialty proteins.

 Latest figures

-107 cultured meat and seafood startups launched by the end of 2021 (up 32% from 2020)

-More than 780 companies worldwide specializing in plant-based meat, seafood, eggs or dairy

-120 companies worldwide producing new protein seafood