Nestle launches soy-based plant-based egg powder

Nestle, under its Mahler brand, has launched a powdered plant-based protein that consumers can add to egg dishes such as omelets, allowing them to create cheap but still nutritious dishes.

The product, which uses soybeans as a raw material, is not intended to replace eggs on its own. Using plant-based egg protein powder will result in dishes that have the same protein as traditional eggs, less saturated fat and cholesterol, and are less expensive.

Torsten Pohl, Head of Nestlé Food Product and Technology Center said:

Eggs are one of the most widely used sources of protein. With this unique solution, we hope to provide an affordable, nutritious solution that can be used to replace some eggs when cooking egg-based dishes. The plant-based egg powder It also brings in the same amount of high-quality protein, with less cholesterol, while ensuring great taste and texture.

Soft launch in Central America

Nestlé is currently testing the product under the Malher brand in some stores in Central America and is planning to roll it out to more countries in Latin America.

Lourdes Muñoz, Nestlé Central America Regional Manager, said:

We are excited to test this new concept in Central America, where egg dishes are a primary source of protein for many. By replacing some egg protein with this shelf-stable plant-based food, we will not only provide an affordable alternative, And it will also provide a sustainable alternative that many people can use when making breakfast, lunch or dinner.

In addition to being an affordable alternative for consumers, the shelf-stable protein also has advantages for food operators in countries with limited refrigerated supply chains, the Swiss food giant said.

Brazil’s largest egg producer launches plant-based egg N.Ovo

Nestle’s plant-based egg powder is not the first big brand in Latin America to launch an egg substitute. In 2019, Brazil’s Grupo Mantiqueira, South America’s largest egg producer, launched its first plant-based egg product. The product, called N.Ovo – from the words “egg” and “new” – is made from pea protein, pea starch and flaxseed.

This plant-based egg replacer is available in powder form but is packaged in a traditional egg carton. To use the product, consumers must mix 11 grams of N.ovo with 39 grams of water, producing a mixture equivalent to a large egg of about 50 grams. It can be used as a similar egg substitute in applications such as cakes, bread and bakery.

With N.ovo, your traditional recipes will be softer, fluffier and tastier, just like using fresh eggs as an ingredient in their preparation,” it said. “It’s perfect for cakes, bread, pasta, pancakes, and just about anything you can think of!

Grupo Mantiqueira partnered with the non-profit organization The Good Food Institute (GFI) to develop the formulation and branding of N.ovo products. Since its launch, the N.ovo brand has also expanded its range of plant-based products to include egg-free mayonnaise.