Nearly half of food and beverage manufacturers will invest in plant-based products in 2022

Abstract: UK-based Atura Proteins released interesting findings on food and beverage brand owners and manufacturers, 56% of manufacturers will invest in plant-based products in 2022, and 41% believe vegan meats such as puree will become plant-based The largest growing category in the field.

Keywords: Plant Foods, Protein, Soy Products

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Key findings of the study include:

  1. Of 102 UK food and beverage professionals, 41% said meat alternatives such as plant-based puree will be the biggest growth category for plant-based foods, followed by cereals (13%) and cheese (12%).
  2. Varied diets are the main attraction for flexitarians (48%) and vegans (47%), so investing in plant-based foods is the most frequently considered reason.
  3. The biggest obstacle to developing plant-based foods, 34%, cited difficulty in sourcing raw materials.

Paul Donegan, Commercial Development and Marketing Manager at Atura Proteins commented:

“Our research shows that plant-based foods are the focus of food and beverage industry professionals, and that plant-based foods can continue to evolve into ovo, flexitarian, and even vegan diets. The increased demand for plant-based diets is Relevant brands present significant opportunities. Our findings suggest that decision makers may experience challenges when sourcing certain plant-based ingredients, which may reflect supply chain pressures resulting from increased demand.

He also said: “The plant-based food market is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 11.9% from 2020 to 2027, and there are now an estimated 8.7 million flexitarians in the UK, so now is a good time for businesses to consider entering the market. The popularity of protein is enduring, and the trend for protein fortification shows no signs of slowing down.

Coupled with the trend toward plant-based food and beverage manufacturers, alternative protein sources such as soy, chickpeas, and fava beans can also be considered to help provide consumers with the best food and beverage products. ”