Mato Grosso soybean planting progress reached 66.94%, higher than the historical average

Foreign media, October 23: The Mato Grosso Institute of Agricultural Economics (IMNE) reported on Friday that soybean planting progress in the state for 2022/23 reached 66.94%, 25.59 percentage points higher than a week earlier.

Although the planting progress has increased significantly, it is still lower than the 68.75% of the same period last year. The historical average for the same period is 42.4%.

So far, the western part of the state has the fastest planting rate at 82.38%; the northwest area is 72.41%, which is 35.14 points higher than a week ago.

The well-distributed rains in Mato Grosso state over the past week have helped to speed up planting, consultancy Brazilian Home Consultancy (PAN) said on Friday.

The state’s slowest planting area was in the Northeast, with a 31.37 percent planting progress, an increase of 11.69 percent from a week ago.