Key Nutrition Trends in 2024: Holistic Health, Alternative Dairy…

To help brands pioneer new frontiers in innovation and new product development in the nutrition space, FrieslandCampina Food Ingredients releases its top five nutrition trends for 2024 and provides insights into the latest consumer research and market trends. The company expects these trends to drive growth in the food, beverage and supplement industry this year.

The five trends that the company is focusing on shaping consumer nutritional habits are: “Future-Securing Sustainability,” “Holistic Nutrition,” “Alternative Proteins Going Global,” “Transcendence through the Gut,” and “Aging and Health Recovery.”

Vicky Davies, global marketing director for performance, active and medical nutrition at FrieslandCampina, discusses the research behind these trends, the continued interest in holistic health and the growing demand for alternative proteins.

“As we enter the new year, consumers continue to face tremendous pressure on brands, both personally and globally. This can lead to a lot of uncertainty, so what consumers want most right now is a sense of control. They accomplish this by using healthy nutrition as a positive force. Research shows that more than half of consumers consider healthy eating to be their top priority.”

Davies adds that “eating well means feeling good” is becoming mainstream and asserts that consumers will make positive choices to gain control, even in the face of inevitable external pressures.
“For nutritional brands, the question to ask in 2024 is, ‘How can we make it easier for consumers to make these positive choices?’ That could mean offering more sustainable nutritional options or investing in convenient formats , so that consumers can eat healthily.”

Trend one:

Ensure the future and sustainable development

By 2024, “sustainability can make or break a brand’s reputation.” FrieslandCampina explains that consumers are actively seeking “planet-first nutrition”—products proven to be good for the planet and human health.

Trend two:

Towards holistic health

Through market research, FrieslandCampina deeply understands people’s needs, guides the company’s development, and helps customers create trendy products that meet consumers’ health and nutritional needs.
Davies stressed that FrieslandCampina has been actively monitoring a trend for some time, namely the shift towards holistic wellness – specifically prioritizing both physical and mental health. Mental health has also become increasingly important due to factors such as the pandemic, rising cost of living and geopolitical tensions. As a result, consumers are more interested in maintaining overall health.

Trend three:

Transcendence through the gut

FrieslandCampina said that to target the sports nutrition market, food and beverage manufacturers need to cater to a variety of consumer needs. This includes “improved gut health and muscle support (via the gut-muscle axis), as well as improved mood and energy levels.”

The company predicts that gut health will transcend digestive comfort. Consumers are increasingly aware of how the gut impacts immune, brain and muscle health. FrieslandCampina advises brands to take advantage of this awareness and take a holistic mind-body approach to gut health.

Trend four:

Alternative dairy products and proteins

Davies shared that FrieslandCampina is innovating to meet the needs of the growing flexitarian market. Growth in this area is driven by health awareness that people want to eat more protein to support active lifestyles.

45% of global consumers eat or drink alternative dairy products, driven by personal preference and the perception that plant-based proteins are nutritious. “But while this trend appears to be here to stay, creating long-lasting products can be difficult. The novelty of a new plant-based product is enough to pique consumers’ curiosity and make them make a one-time purchase. But what if If it’s not delicious and nutritious, people won’t buy it again.”