Introduction of soy protein concentrate

Abstract: Soy protein concentrate is derived from soybeans through a series of processes including crushing, peeling, extracting, separating, washing, and drying. These processes remove oil, low-molecular soluble non-protein components (mainly soluble sugars, ash, alcohols), and various odor substances. The result is a soy protein product containing 65% or more protein (dry basis, N×6.25).

Keywords: soy protein concentrate

Production Methods

The primary methods for producing soy protein concentrate include dilute acid precipitation, alcohol washing precipitation, wet and hot water washing, acid leaching and alcohol precipitation, and membrane separation. These methods generally involve precipitating the protein in soybean meal (using techniques such as heating or adding alcohol) and then separating the soluble components to increase the protein content. Typically, low-denatured defatted beans serve as the raw material.

Food Grade

Meaning: Due to its high gelling, emulsifying, or dispersibility properties, soy protein concentrate greatly improves the comprehensive utilization rate and reduces production costs. It is widely used in processed meat foods, baked goods, ice cream, candy, and beverages.

Quality Standard:

  1. Color: Milky white to light yellow
  2. Odor: The inherent odor of concentrated protein, with no other peculiar smell
  3. Protein content (N*6.25): ≥65%
  4. Moisture: 7-9%
  5. Fat: <0.8%
  6. Ash content: <6.0%
  7. Total fiber: <4%
  8. NSI: 5-10%
  9. Granularity: 100 mesh (90% pass)

Feed Grade

Meaning: Rich in various amino acids, soy protein concentrate boasts high digestibility and absorption rates in animals, minimal anti-nutritional factors, and a good taste. It is particularly suitable for feed additives for suckling pigs, aquatic products, calves, and pets. The suggested addition is 50-200 kg per ton of feed.

Quality Standard:

  1. Protein content (N*6.25): ≥65% (dry basis)
  2. Moisture: 7-9%
  3. Fat: <0.8%
  4. Granularity: 50 mesh (90% pass)

Product Description

Used as a nutritional additive, soy protein concentrate enhances the nutritional value of products, improves quality (especially in bread crust), and extends the preservation period of pet food and animal feed.

Product Features

  1. High-Quality Raw Materials: Soybeans are selected according to food-grade standards.
  2. Unique Production Process: This increases the net protein content and improves the digestibility and utilization of overall protein and amino acids. It eliminates soluble sugars, reducing the harm of anti-nutritional factors and the impact of the Maillard reaction on lysine utilization during soybean heating.
  3. High Nutritional Value: With high protein digestibility and utilization rates similar to skimmed milk powder, it contains a balanced composition of amino acids. The content of anti-nutritional factors is extremely low, and it has a neutral taste (added to feed, it causes no adverse effects on young animals’ intestines).
  4. No Chemical Additives
  5. Good Granulation Performance and Fluidity
  6. Long Storage Life


Choosing good protein materials is crucial for the smooth growth of suckling pigs, as their digestive systems are not yet fully developed and they experience significant stress during weaning. Our soy protein concentrate is an excellent protein material, ideal for weaning pigs due to its high digestibility, good palatability, and extremely low content of anti-nutritional factors.

For aquatic animals like fish and shrimp, soy protein concentrate proves to be an excellent source of plant protein. It has low antigen levels, low ash and phosphorus contents, and does not contain high levels of biogenic amines like fish meal. Additionally, it has excellent granulation properties, increasing survival rates and improving feed utilization efficiency.

Young poultry benefit from soy protein concentrate as it improves survival rates, reduces diarrhea, and promotes growth. Calves, whose digestive systems are suited to milk protein, benefit from our soy protein concentrate as a high-quality, easy-to-digest milk replacer during their feeding period.

Pet food manufacturers favor soy protein concentrate due to its economical practicality, comprehensive functionality, and nutrition. It ensures the stability of pet feed quality. As a high-quality plant protein raw material, it is increasingly used in animal feed, with expanding application scope and space in the feed industry.

Product Advantages

Compared to other protein sources:

  1. Fish Meal: Limited supply, high impurity content, unstable quality, low absorption rate in piglets (causing diarrhea), short shelf life, and difficult storage.
  2. Plasma Protein: While recognized as a high-quality protein source, it is expensive and derived from animals.
  3. Skimmed Milk Powder: Lower protein and amino acid content, high price, and limited supply.
  4. Whey Powder: Low protein content, untimely supply, high price, and slow growth rate in piglets.

Overall, soy protein concentrate offers a stable, high-quality, and cost-effective protein source for various applications in the food and feed industries.