IMEA: Mato Grosso soybean harvest progress below average

Foreign media, January 17: The report released by the Mato Grosso Institute of Agricultural Economics (IMEA) shows that the soybean harvest in the top soybean-producing state reached 4.16% in the week ended January 14, compared with a week earlier. An increase of 2.8%, but lagging behind the historical average progress of 5.1%. Harvest was delayed due to cloudy weather.

Soybean planting in Mato Grosso this season started early and is progressing well, raising expectations for a higher-than-historical soybean harvest, allowing soybeans to come to market before the rest of Brazil begins harvesting.

However, it was cloudy in December and cloudy in January, which extended the soybean growing cycle. There is also a shortage of desiccant for harvest in some areas, and some areas are facing persistent rain problems.

Mato Grosso is facing a different problem than the southern states, where soybean production has declined due to drought. Mato Grosso has no drought issues and the soybean crop is expected to be bumper.

The IMEA report said that by the second half of January to early February, the progress of the harvest in Mato Grosso will start to pick up, with most areas now preparing for the harvest.

In addition, the progress of this year’s harvest also exceeded the 0.8% of the same period last year. The lack of rain last year resulted in slower planting and a corresponding delay in harvest.