How to consume soy protein powder?

1. Generally speaking, in the morning, after a night’s rest, the body’s consumption during the day has been restored, the body’s function is the most vigorous, and it has not eaten for a long time, and it is urgent to replenish energy. Therefore, the digestion and absorption capacity of the digestive system such as the stomach and intestines is the strongest at this time, and the protein absorbed at this time does not need to be used to restore the body, but will accumulate in the body. It is recommended to consume soybean protein powder in the morning.

2. At noon, the work and study in the morning consumes a lot of energy. I am hungry, and the human body urgently needs to replenish energy. There is a need for food, and digestion and absorption are strong. But this time cannot be compared with the morning. Part of the protein absorbed at this time is used to restore body functions, the other part is used to replenish energy, and the rest will be used for accumulation in the body. In addition, some people eat a lot of lunch, and supplementing protein powder is superfluous, and if they cannot digest it, it is a waste. Those with protein deficiency often have a small appetite and food intake, and their lunch is not enough for energy consumption. The protein powder is also used for energy consumption. Therefore, noon is not the best time to supplement soy protein powder.

3. At night, although work, study and other activities during the day consume the body’s substances and need to replenish energy, the digestive system is also the weakest at this time, and after dormancy, the digestive activity will be very low. Therefore, when eating soybean protein powder at night, part of it is used by the body to supplement its ability, and the other part is not absorbed and wasted.

4. Some people choose to consume protein powder at night before bed to improve sleep quality. As for whether it can really improve sleep quality, this varies from person to person. However, if you have a history of gastrointestinal disease, or you are in the treatment or recovery period of gastrointestinal disease, it is best not to eat protein powder at night. At this time, gastrointestinal digestive activities and functions will also be greatly reduced along with dormancy, otherwise it will increase the burden on the gastrointestinal tract, which is even more unfavorable to the gastrointestinal tract. recover.

5. When the human body is on an empty stomach, the food ingested is first used to meet the body’s energy needs, and then it is used for body repair and accumulation. Therefore, do not eat protein powder on an empty stomach, otherwise it will be digested by the human body as an energy substance, wasting protein. It is best to eat it an hour after a meal, usually 30 minutes after the morning. If you are in a hurry to work and don’t have time to wait, you can eat other foods first and then eat soy protein powder.

6. For athletes, bodybuilders and bodybuilders, because high-intensity exercise will consume muscle protein, which is not good for muscles, it cannot be restricted to when is the most suitable time, and protein must be supplemented after exercise, so they can eat it half an hour after exercise Protein powder to prevent muscle damage from insufficient protein.

7. For vegetarians and dieters, soy protein powder can be supplemented in moderation with each meal. Vegetarians and dieters often have the problem of insufficient protein. Therefore, it is recommended to add a certain protein supplement to each meal in the daily diet. You can consume protein powder after a meal or half an hour after a meal.

8. For infants and young people in the growing period, as well as the undernourished and the elderly and patients who need to eat less frequently is recovery. Take it after a meal or half an hour after a meal.

Soy protein powder