Food grade soybean dietary fiber application

Soybean dietary fiber mainly refers to the general term for macromolecular carbohydrates that cannot be digested and absorbed by human digestive enzymes, mainly including cellulose, pectin, xylan, mannose, etc. Although dietary fiber cannot provide any nutrients to the human body, it has important physiological functions for the human body.
Dietary fiber has obvious functions of lowering blood pressure and plasma cholesterol, regulating gastrointestinal function, blood sugar and insulin levels. It is one of the best functional dietary fibers, far more than other synthetic fibers (such as Lizexin, polydextrose).

1.Meat products (eg fish balls, meatballs, ham, hot dogs)

Soybean dietary fiber has high water holding capacity, which is conducive to the formation of the tissue structure of the product to prevent syneresis. Adding it to meat products can make the aroma components in meat products aggregate without escaping, and can prevent starch from aging during cooling. It is used as a jelly in fish balls, beef balls and other products, so that the meat balls are not loose and elastic, and at the same time strengthen the protein content, and partially replace soybean protein powder. The addition amount is 3%-6%.

Surimi products


The plasticity of the dough added with soybean dietary fiber is enhanced, and the elasticity is reduced. Therefore, the dough is easy to form, and the mold pattern is clear; at the same time, the chewing feeling of the product is good, and the crispness is increased. During the baking process, the soybean dietary fiber produces volatile substances, which increase the flavor of the biscuit and make it have a unique aroma, strengthen the fiber, and prevent the starch from aging. The addition amount is 2%-20%.


3.Baked fillings (such as bean paste, lotus seed paste, etc.)

Soybean dietary fiber can play the role of filler and binder in the filling, and can thicken the sugar liquid when the sucrose is heated and melted, preventing the finished product from collapsing and leaking sugar. Moreover, the obtained fillings have the best flavor and softer texture. The addition amount is 2%-28%.

4.Seasoning sauces, pastes and external sauces

Soybean dietary fiber has strong water-absorbing and oil-retaining capabilities, so that the sauce products are not delaminated and easy to hang on the wall during storage, replacing modified starch, thick and not sticky. The amount of addition is 2%-15%.


5. Nutritious food

The various physiological functions of soybean dietary fiber, such as reducing serum cholesterol, preventing constipation and colon cancer, preventing diabetes, etc., determine its broad prospects in nutritional food. For example, in the use of fat reduction, diet food, etc., experiments have proved that its effect is far better than that of synthetic fibers such as Livoxin.