1.The role of protein in meat products includes oil absorption, water retention, bonding, extension, emulsification, gelation, etc., but it is generally believed that emulsification and gelation play a major role in emulsified ground meat products.

The fat particles formed by chopping can contact protein in an instant.

The lipophilic end of the functional protein concentrate FSPC molecular aggregate can be adsorbed on the surface of fat particles, while the hydrophilic end extends into the water phase, which is conducive to the emulsification and stability of solid fat. On the contrary, the spherical soy protein molecules do not have relatively independent hydrophilic and lipophilic ends, and the surface hydrophobicity is low, so they cannot be absorbed in fat immediately.

Fundamentally, the emulsification ability, emulsification stability, salt tolerance and dispersion performance of functional soy protein concentrate are better than soy protein isolate.

2.The content of soy fiber in functional soy protein concentrate is as high as 20%, which is 10 times that of soy protein isolate, and soy fiber can form a matrix system with lean muscle fibers.

It can better maintain the structure of the product, which is very helpful to reduce the shrinkage, water and oil output of meat products.