Soy protein isolate is a high-purity soybean product made from defatted soybean meal. Its protein content (calculated on a dry basis) is more than 90%. It has high nutritional value and contains a large amount of essential fatty acids that are beneficial to human health. Phospholipids and rich minerals such as calcium and phosphorus are free of cholesterol. More importantly, the human body has a high digestion and absorption rate of soy protein isolate (84% to 98%). Soy protein isolate also has good functional properties, such as water absorption, oil absorption, emulsification and gelation. In the processing of meat products, it can retain or emulsify the fat and combine water in the meat products, and can also improve the texture and flavor of the meat products. It can maintain the integrity of the muscle tissue in the finished product through the brine-containing protein isolate. Therefore, soy protein isolate has been widely used in meat processing.