Drinks made with soy protein are hailed as “green milk” by nutritionists. It protein has a significant lowering effect on people with high cholesterol.

The content of arginine in protein drinks is higher than that in milk, and the ratio of arginine to lysine is also reasonable; the lipid and linoleic acid are extremely rich and contain no cholesterol, which can prevent cardiovascular diseases in adulthood. .

Rich in lecithin, it can remove excess sterols from the blood, and is known as the “vascular scavenger”. Soy protein drinks are easier to digest and absorb than milk.

Milk is easy to form large and hard lumps after entering the stomach, while soy milk is formed into small flakes after entering the stomach, and it is soft and not hard, which can make it easier to digest and absorb.

These soy protein is an essential nutrient for everyone, but the daily dietary intake is largely insufficient, and it must be supplemented by eating protein powder, especially for certain special groups such as children, pregnant women, lactating mothers, and the elderly.