1.  Select soy raw materials according to food grade standards to make soy protein concentrate

2. Unique production process

Increase the net protein content of the product and improve the digestibility and utilization of the overall protein and amino acids

Eliminates soluble sugars, thereby reducing the harm of various anti-nutritional factors, and reducing the influence of Maillard reaction on lysine utilization efficiency during soybean heating

3. High nutritional value

High protein digestibility and utilization rate (similar to skimmed milk powder); high amino acid content and balanced composition (ideal vegetable protein raw materials).

The content of anti-nutritional factors is extremely low (tested in accordance with EU testing standards); PH value, neutral taste (added to feed, no adverse effects on the intestines of young animals).

4. Does not contain any chemical additives 5. Granulation performance, good fluidity 6. Storage resistance, long storage time